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COMPREX shorts allow the peripheral nerve cells to be in a constant state of readiness;

optimising the exchange of nerve impulses; enhancing muscle reactions,

contractions, and coordination; and decreasing the risk of fatigue and injury.

The functional zones are incorporated into the back and allow you to activate the sweat,

prevents the risk of overheating and the consequent consumption of energy.

The thighs provide a large surface area for evaporation, allowing you to maximally increase

the cooling effect and increasing performance.

It guarantees effective ventilation and allows any excess perspiration to be carried outwards.

On the other hand, the air trapped in the channels acts as an insulator against the cold.

The gel seat lining ensures comfort even for long distances.

The trousers are divided into three sizes due to their high elasticity:

XS - S (select S)

M - L (select L)

XL - XXL (select XXL)